Building your home with IDDOMUS has many advantages. Below is a summary of the main aspects that characterise the IDDOMUS concept and way of working. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require further details – we are delighted to help.


Building your dream home in Spain? We are here to do it for you!


There is no question that the Costa del Sol is a preferred destination to own a second home or permanent residence, and the existing real estate offer is indeed ample. However, a lot of people prefer to build their dream home to their own specific wishes and requirements, but are often discouraged by what seems a daunting task when undertaking a building project in a foreign country.

While it is not an impossible endeavour, the level of personal involvement required to ensure the project develops as it should cannot be underestimated, especially if you are not an experienced property investor or developer. For private homeowners keen to create their own dream property, it is therefore much easier to instruct a professional company with a sound reputation.

The IDDOMUS team has the experience and know-how to make building your dream home on the Costa del Sol a straightforward, transparent and enjoyable experience. Enjoy the creative process whilst leaving the technical detail and paperwork to us in what is a transparent IDDOMUS service, fully committed to delivering your beautiful new home exactly the way you wish.

Set your budget, choose a location and home design built entirely around your taste and requirements. We do the hard work, using our local knowledge and technical expertise to source the best plots and locations (if required), and designing and building a timeless villa that stands out for its style, quality, investment value—your ideal home. You have all budget, technical and design information, as well as progress reports, at your fingertips throughout the process, right up to the moment you receive the keys and are ready to experience the new villa for yourself.

The IDDOMUS Commitment - Designed for your peace of mind


At IDDOMUS our clients' best interest is our own. Offering the highest level of quality throughout is a solid commitment that is followed through in every one of our departments, from concept to completion of the project. One company is therefore responsible for all the stages, including architectural design, planning permission, engineering and construction. This configuration overrides the risks that can arise from multiple party contracting. At IDDOMUS we all have a common goal – yours!

This quality maxim applies to every detail of the architectural design, development and building of an IDDOMUS SIGNATURE PROJECT:

  • From the moment of identifying your wishes, requests and priorities
  • Followed by a geotechnical study of the plot to determine the optimal position and integration of your future home
  • Choosing all building materials, finishes and equipment
  • The detailed, itemised presentation of the project's blueprint and budget
  • To organising building permits and final utility contracts
  • Plus professional execution of the work and rigorous building quality control as well as close liaison with the client along every step of the process

Nothing is left to chance. Our build warrantee is the ultimate commitment to your peace of mind.


The most comprehensive build guarantees in the market


Every property built by IDDOMUS is subjected to rigorous quality inspections by highly respected international survey and certification bodies such as OCA ICP and SOCOTEC, who issue detailed reports available to all our clients. Every building phase is thus certified before we issue invoices for stages completed and signed off – offering our clients complete transparency and accountability both in technical and financial terms. This, ultimately, is the definition of customer peace of mind.

By committing our payment schedule to the quality of the work we deliver, we give our clients the ultimate assurance that they pay only for what has been successfully completed according to the project’s planning and design. We leave ourselves free to exceed your expectations, but never to fall short of them.

The risk to our clients is therefore minimised, as pre-payment is not required. Moreover, IDDOMUS guarantees exceed the ten-year structural guarantee required by Spanish law. In addition, IDDOMUS villas come with a three-year overall guarantee for premises and installations, as well as three years of technical maintenance.



IDDOMUS Signature Project - An Added Value Brand



We have built our reputation on our ability to deliver quality of design and construction. This, combined with the fact that we work with the best suppliers and professionals,establishes IDDOMUS as a leader in its market.

Thanks to this, a property carrying the IDDOMUS marque of quality not only has added value but also protects your investment.

IDDOMUS villas feature the highest level of technical and creative innovation whichever style, size or location you choose. To signify this, and building on the name IDDOMUS has made for itself, every villa we deliver contains an attractive signed plaque identifying it as a quality home. The unique serial number that comes with it is registered in the firm's database, providing an easy reference to the property’s specifications that is particularly useful when selling. As an IDDOMUS homeowner you will also have access to personalised service and maintenance programmes.


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