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" Every IDDOMUS project is an exciting challenge! "

Spanish Arquitect CONCHA HARO represents the arquitectural force behind IDDOMUS SIGNATURE PROJECTS. In a recent interview, Concha Haro shares the experience of her work with IDDOMUS, the challenges and standards that make every IDDOMUS Villa unique in terms of design and quality.

 " I have been successfully working as an architect since 2000, primarily focused on the projection and construction of luxury villas on the Costa del Sol. In the diversity of projects - some of which awarded - that I have had the fortune to undersign, my priority as an architect has been never to compromise the congruence of design, integrity and quality.

Since my incorporation to IDDOMUS, I have discovered that here these base pillars are surpassed by far. IDDOMUS represents every aspect of what I believe the process of development of a home has to be. To start with, IDDOMUS is a firm that develops Turnkey Projects tailored to the individual client's needs. The true meaning of this concept can only be honoured with a firm commitment to quality in every step of the procedure. Therefore IDDOMUS offers its clients a comprehensive service were all key departments are part of one company, and continuous quality control is norm. As a result, the client is assured peace of mind during the entire home building process: from the choice of a plot and related studies, the design of the villa, obtaining permits, the actual construction, the utility connection contracts, the first occupation license etc. to the handing over of the key... Quality and attention to detail are capital - imperative I would say.

From an architectural point of view, every new Signature Villa projected by IDDOMUS represents an exciting challenge. Our clients are drawn by the original IDDOMUS signature style, featuring very modern architectural structures combined with recovered materials, such as recycled wood, which enhances the warmth and comfort of our interiors. Yet every Iddomus Villa design is unique. Tailored to the client's specific lifestyle requirements. When a client puts his/her trust in us, we commit to fulfil a dream to perfection.



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