Beal Mortex

BEALMORTEX  - A quality choice.


BEALMORTEX - Underlining the Quality and Comfort of IDDOMUS signature Villas.

BEAL International is an internationally recognised Belgian manufacturer of special mortar based products for the construction sector, established in 1974
Iddomus implements BEAL's leading and most versatile product, BEALMORTEX, for the coating of façades, interior walls, interior and exterior flooring and paving, bathrooms, showers, stairs, swimming pools etc.  BEALMORTEX is a resilient high-tech covering with a highly versatile range of applications which enhance the stability, durability and damp-proofing of the areas it is applied to, as well as rendering a naturally comfortable, clean and aesthetic ambience to the home.

There are many creative possibilities that this revolutionary product allows for, especially through the extensive palette of natural and organic colour pigments, which can be incorporated directly to the product, substituting the need for high maintenance coats of paint. In addition, BEAlMortex' composition does not contain cancerigenous substances such as polyurethane or epoxide resins, used in many coating products on the market as a hardening agent. BEALMortex is a mineral based product with an intrinsic natural lime composition. BEALMortex falls in line with the products and materials, which IDDOMUS chooses in order to ensure the uncompromisable quality standards of its SIGNATURE PROJECTS.

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