Keeping it green in Marbella doesn't mean compromising on design

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Every industry has a duty to consider their environmental impact on the planet, particularly as great positives can be achieved by making simple changes to working practices and production processes. What might be initially perceived as merely a small difference, when making alterations to how a business operates, will collectively create a significant impact over a period of time.

 Within the building sector architects and interior designers can influence the ecological footprint of just one house and will clearly make an even bigger impression when working on large residential developments. When designing a property it is as important to consider the materials that will be used as much as the design itself in relation to helping the planet.

 The design and build of a Marbella villa does not not need to be compromised when embracing a more environmental way of thinking, and creating green homes reduces pollution which is incredibly important for the health of the population. Any climate change sceptics will be encouraged by the additional positives gained in applying this method as future inhabitants of eco friendly homes will benefit also from financial savings.

 New ways of researching suppliers and materials can be implemented alongside considering how the layout of a property can help create cost savings. For example in Marbella the placement of a window to avoid the afternoon sun will cut down on the use of air conditioning and thus save money and energy.

Creativity shouldn’t need to suffer either as the choice of environmentally friendly materials continues to expand on a daily basis and there are consistently more colours, textures and styles available to use.

If being more green doesn’t restrict the creative process and improvements are made to wellbeing, the environment and the monthly household budget, then it would seem there are only positives ahead.

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