Iddomus strives for a sustainable future

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It is no longer sufficient, or indeed conscionable, for a developer to simply design and build homes with no thought to the environment. As a property development directly impacts upon the landscape, we must now look at ways to reduce our imprint upon our surroundings, during design, construction and crucially, for many years into the future.

For this reason, we seek out approaches and materials that reduce the burden of pollution and improve our sustainable credentials. Recently we introduced the products of an innovative Dutch company that supports this objective through the innovative use of recycled paint.

The impact of lighting


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Lighting as one of the vital elements of homes, offices, schools, shops and other manmade structures has long since transcended the simple practical need for illumination. We no longer live in a purely functional world where light had only the purpose of allowing us to see what we were doing in a factory, a school or a kitchen. Soft lighting has done much more than that, creating a welcoming, cosseting setting that in itself is the very definition of homeliness, and where this was once limited to ornamental table lamps and spotlights, today we have a whole range of wonderful tools at our disposal to create fantastic settings for home, work and entertainment venues alike.

Who needs a home gym?

Home gym

You’d think that fitness exercises accompanied by rousing music have always been a part of health-conscious people’s lives, yet in reality group fitness classes are a relatively new phenomena, entering into the public consciousness with the arrival of Jane Fonda and her ilk in the mid-1980s, when suddenly everyone became crazy for spandex and lycra. Since those days, the fashion for fitness has grown exponentially and there are now more methods of getting fit than there are days in the year. From stationary bicycles to zumba to weird and wonderful methods – goat yoga anyone?! – there is a way to tone those muscles and get that heart pumping that will suit even the most dedicated of couch potatoes.

Smart home gadgets of the future

In our last blog, we looked into the origins and availability of Smart Home technology, or domotics.  No longer a sci-fi dream, we are seeing a rise in the use of this technology in our homes – the huge popularity of Amazon’s Alexa this Christmas being just one example of how we are embracing machines that make our life easier (“Alexa, call my Mum!”) without even realising how carrying out simple tasks have changed over the past few years.

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What are domotics and do you need them?

The rise to ubiquity of the internet has produced many advantages and with the advent of smart phones we are now seeing the development of smart homes. The word ‘domotic’ derives from the Latin ‘domus’, meaning home, and is used to describe all aspects of the smart home.

Happy Xmas from IDDOMUS!

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Our homes of the future – sustainable architecture

Eco friendly

Green construction, ecological and environmentally friendly buildings are concepts that have long been spoken of in design and architecture, however it is only fairly recently that these ideas are actually being put into practise.

At Iddomus, we are very much conscious of our part to play in reducing energy requirements in our houses and do our utmost to build homes that are not only beautiful but also as kind to the environment as is possible. A side effect of this is of course that energy bills are also reduced, a definite bonus that comes with an Iddomus house.

Create a Christmas atmosphere in your Marbella home

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If you’ve just bought a Marbella home or perhaps had a villa built by our team of architects, technicians and specialist builders, your main focus will be on enjoying your fantastic new home during the long summer months. However, you can extend the season into the gorgeously sunny and mild autumn, winter and spring, during which it is a pleasure to play golf here, go for walks along the beach or into the beautiful countryside, visit the fascinating cities and villages of the Andalusian interior or simply enjoy café society and fine dining in Marbella.

Craftsmanship that never goes out of style

iDDomus has been quietly but confidently building a reputation on the Costa del Sol for beautiful bespoke villas in and around the Marbella area. Over the past few years, we have been giving private individuals the opportunity to build the home of their dreams without the worry and stress often associated with home building. We are able to ensure that client projects are be carried out just as they had envisioned right from inception, and the beauty of contracting iDDomus to build their home means that while they have full creative input in building their vision, we can then undertake the hard work of making it happen and delivering the perfect finished property.

Landscaping that blends into your surroundings


 We whole-heartedly agree with landscape architects like Swiss-based Enzo Enea who suggests that you should integrate your home and garden into their surroundings, not impose an overly decorated look on them.

The wisdom of blending into our surroundings – especially when they are as beautiful as Marbella – has been around for some time, yet many an architect, developer and homeowner continues to come in, bulldozer the land and impose his or her will upon the natural scenery. This can often lead to beautiful gardens that evoke tropical or temperate landscapes, but it comes at a heavy cost in terms of effort, money, land moving and indeed water resources.

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