iDDOMUS attends international property event for buyers of second homes

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iDDOMUS was pleased to be an exhibitor last week at the successful SECOND HOME BEURS, an international property fair focused towards buyers interested in purchasing a second home. The event was held in Utrecht earlier this month and attracted over 7,500 visitors, and exhibitors from over twenty different countries.

The bright future of sustainable architecture

sustainable design

Innovative architects, engineers and eco warriors are currently working hard to create and implement sustainable design ideas that will help us tackle problems relating to climate change and the use of space in cities. The building industry needs to embrace this thinking, which will utilise previously wasted energy and materials, and help create a healthier and often more attractive world.' 

New iDDomus project in Los Flamingos

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Exciting news for February is the fact that we’ve just started work on a new villa project in Los Flamingos. The villa, which overlooks the green valleys and Los Flamingos golf course down to the sea, is a stunning property in contemporary architectural style. Naturally, it features all the latest technologies, comforts and amenities, as well as being built to the quality and environmental standards of an iDDomus villa.

Is 2019 the year to build your dream home in Spain?

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Most people have aspirations, not only for themselves but also for their children and the collective future of their family. Everyday ambitions will vary from brilliant exam results to landing an interesting, well paid job while further-reaching goals might encompass travelling the world or buying a property in another country.

Spanish architects receive recognition for work in Andalucía

iddomus architects

Two architects with offices based in Madrid will be officially recognised by the revered industry academy, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), in February next year. Spanish designers Ignacio Vicens y Hualde and Emilio Tunon have been named amongst a list of seven people to receive the 2019 International Fellowship for their exemplary work.

Five interior design trends that inspired in 2018!


With a new year to embrace and fresh design trends to look forward to for inspiration, interior designers and architects will surely be feeling revitalised and ready to tackle 2019 head on. However, will any of the fashions and fads that stood out in 2018 be carried forward in the big samples swatch that the industry can refer to for creative ideas in 2019?

The IDDOMUS commitment to quality suppliers, equipment and materials

iddomus details

IDDOMUS is known for creating unique contemporary turnkey properties that are built to perfection and beautifully finished throughout. Buyers of Spanish property in Marbella and its surrounding region can feel assured working with the Belgian-owned development company that every room of their dream villa will be completed to a superior standard.

The art of displaying art in your home

move projects

Art is subjective, always a matter of taste, and most adults will have a clear and established sense of what kind of art that they like. Most art collectors, either novice or experienced, are unlikely to want advice on what type of art to buy; however, if they want to live with their collections it helps to take some sound advice.

Lighting design trends to brighten up your life in 2019

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Reports on expected trends in lighting design for next year are predicting an exciting choice will be available for consumers, whether their taste leans towards an opulent chandelier or a modest side lamp in natural materials. At one end of the industry catalogue are ceiling lights encased in huge jewels, while the other features plain glass shades; there has rarely been a time when so many contrasting styles have been considered ‘en vogue’ in lighting design.

The rise and rise of innovative design in the kitchen

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The space in your home allocated for creating culinary magic or just your traditional morning coffee deserves as much thought as the living area or bedroom with regard to aesthetics and usability. Often the heart of the house, the kitchen is normally a place of warmth and activity but rarely the most beautiful room in the building, nor the one equipped with the best technology.

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